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to do the same thing
every day
to see the same people
without new stories to tell
interesting people to meet

that's not for me


Mike Hill has been a musician, writer, entrepreneur and global adventurer for over two decades.  

For over two decades Mike Hill has been a road warrior traversing the challenging terrain of extreme music, renegade journalism and end times documentarianism. Most notably, Hill is know for fronting the USBM/dark metal band Tombs who have released full-length records on Metal Blade and Relapse Records. His written work has been published through outlets such as Noisey, Revolver, Bandcamp Daily and Decibel. Running parallel to his creative mission, Hill is also a dedicated martial artist and fitness enthusiast.

The Everything Went Black Podcast is a reflection of Mike Hill’s own psyche addressing the creative, intellectual and physical aspects of the human experience. For those out there that choose to live apart from flock, who embrace individuality, Everything Went Black should be a regular part of your world. The complexity of modern man is oft time under-served and under-estimated. As Miyamoto Musashi wrote “to know the way broadly, is to see it in all things”. Why not embrace all aspects of life and celebrate the Savage Life of a self-realized individual?

Below is a list of the constantly evolving shows that you will find here:

  • Everything Went Black is a deep look into Hill’s style of end-times journalism. The podcast/blog is eclectic and thought-provoking with guests including MMA Fighter Josh Barnett, death metal musician/audio producer Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal, Morbid Angel), Lou Koller of Sick of It All, feminist writer Kristin Korvette (Witches, Sluts and Feminists) and author/music journalist Laina Dawes (what Are You Doing Here?).
  • Man on the Silver Mountain is Hill’s solo show which focuses on personal philosophical musings and answers to listener questions.
  • Black Coffee Fight Club is focused on combat sports. Long-time friend and fellow-musician Andrew Hernandez is featured as a partner offering interesting analysis and commentary.
  • Topic is co-hosted by fellow musician Randy Larsen and goes deep into music-related subjects. Often times each episode includes and associated Spotify or Youtube playlist.  Past topics have included Bruce Springsteen and Amphetamine Reptile Records.
  • Necromaniacs is co-hosted by musician Mike Scondotto. Together they delve deep into the macabre world of horror films, comics and artwork.

Savage Gold Coffee is a personal commitment to great coffee. In addition  top-quality coffee and other products, the company acts as a platform for his relentless philosophy on self-improvement and actualization.