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A new episode of the Necromaniacs Podcast is up! In case your not familiar with this, it’s a horror/sci-fi show that I do with my buddy Mike Scondotto.

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22 Sep TRANSMISSION 09.22.2014

We started full band rehearsals this past week in preparation for the upcoming tour. We logged in about 9 hours over the weekend; the set is razor sharp.

Andrew will be sitting this one out. Charlie Schmid is going to be playing drums. I’ve been working with Charlie for the last year, trying to kick off this side project so it was a natural choice. He’s a total pro, so it’s been easy. Changing drummers is always hard; it changes the dynamics a little, sometimes really killer drummers aren’t the right choice just based on vibe. That’s not the case with Charlie.

I wish we were leaving tomorrow. Initially, we were scheduled to hit the road with Mayhem right about this time, but they backed out. I’m pretty much over the whole “Norwegian Black Metal” kick. You either tour and push it as hard as you can or you don’t. I suspect that it’s about money with those guys; that’s cool, but it’s not in my mindset to think that way. My mindset is that I have a record out and I need to support it.

My feeling is that a lot of black metal fans don’t feel Tombs because they probably see us as posers. I don’t give a fuck. We never said that we were playing black metal. I don’t like labels; we play metal and whatever else we want to add to the mix. I’m not into Satan or any of the fantasy, dress-up elements of black metal. I just want to destroy.

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NGIHTBREED! is the dark alter-ego of Aleix Martinez and Jaclyn Sheer. They join the podcast for this episode to discuss their up and coming DJ night, old New York, and playing bad music for bad people.

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In this episode I had the opportunity to hang with Al and Danny Kavadlo, two NYC-based but globally active fitness visionaries. We talked about the benefits of body weight training, their published work and how hard training can change your life.

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The last few mornings have been cool and dry. Summer is over. Sometimes, I feel perpetually stuck in the prototypical, teenage version of myself where summer was this magical time of no responsibility and long, lazy days; back then, summer was endless. Of course, every morning I woke up, dragged my ass out of bed and went to my job at the salt mine reminded me that I was part of the adult world or rent, bills and credit card debt. As much as summer was an escape from the confines of responsibility, Autumn was always the king of all seasons for me. The slow darkening into winter, the shorter days, the way a woman’s face looks in the cold light on October, all of that made me feel an affinity to the Autumn. “The Fall” always had a romantic feeling to me. It was a fall from the graces of summer into the dark abyss of winter. It was our last attempts at life until darkness overtook everything, only to be reborn in the spring. These last few days have really felt like Autumn in around the corner. I put this mixtape together as a celebration of The Fall. It’s mostly old songs. You’ll find Samhain AND The Misfits as well as some other gems. All of these tracks perfectly encapsulate the season. I remember driving out of Los Angeles early on morning in October many years ago listening to a cdr of the first Jesu record before it was released. It was a glorious morning in the van. We were heading east. It’s that kind of mixtape. Black Sabbath WASP – Behind the wall of Sleep Soundgarden Flower Raindbow Man on the Silver Mountain Love 666 MDMA Tar Welk Hammerhead Blow By Tad Delinquent Misfits Hybrid Moments Samhain Mother of Mercy Screaming Trees Bed of Roses Jesu Friends are Evil Morne Eyes Neurosis The Web


19:20 Richmond, VA
The plan was to ship out last night so we could avoid dealing with the “Escape From New York” Friday traffic. I had it all planned out: I would head out to the rehearsal space around 21:00 and pack up my gear. Andrew would roll in after 22:00 and we would leave Brooklyn under cover of the night. I was looking forward hitting the Jersey Turnpike around 23:30 with the windows rolled down and the radio on. We’d crash at Ben’s place in Philly and leave in the later morning for a nice easy drive.

What actually happened was a lot different. There was a film shoot happening so Waterbury Street was shut down and there was a punk rock show going on at the Acheron. On nights like that, they use the shared entrance that we have, pretty much killing off the idea. I drove the van out there so I could give Josh keys so he could feed Loki while I was away. As I sat in the van, waiting, I noticed that an NYPD tow truck was prowling the area in search of vehicles to tow away that were parked in the No Parking zones that the film crew set up. It’s such an adversarial trip. A production company pays money to the city and they have the green light to disrupt an entire neighborhood.

We hit the road at 08:30 and fought our way through the morning traffic. It was a real drag until we hit the Turnpike; getting out of New York is always an ordeal. Once we hit the open road, we made good time. We picked up Evan and Ben at a rest stop in Delaware and the trip was on.

I feel like I’m “away” once we cross over into Delaware. The I-95 corridor is synonymous with tour and doing gigs. This was just a one-off show, we were playing as part of the Fall Line Fest, but in a few weeks we’ll be back on the road for real. How many times had I done this run? How many times had I passed the truck stop in Perrysville?

We made good time into Richmond; even DC was pretty clear. We hit Ellwoods for supplies and drove over the Gray Matter, got a parking spot right in front. Now it’s the wait to play.

9.5.2014 08:55
We crashed with Witte and April last night about 20 minutes outside of Richmond. The whole thing got over really late. The night was pretty slow for most of the evening. Some people started trickling as the night went on. The whole bill was solid: Sinister Haze, Bastard Sapling, Bat and Weedeater. Though, the fest people had good intentions of making it a “multi-genre experience” it ended up being pretty much a typical kind of metal bill that would happen on any weekend. It was great seeing Bastard Sapling; they are our brothers and I love seeing them play. Ryan Waste’s Venom-inflienced Bat were rad, a lot of killer riffs and solid playing.

Last night was our first set with Evan. He did a great job, in general the set was solid; I feel like we played well. Afterward, I was tired from the long day of driving.

I feel like I need some coffee.

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I met up with author / esoteric scholar Tom Eisele for an interesting conversation about the occult, Tarot and what may lie beyond the veil. If you would like to get in touch with Tom for an appointment, you can find him at Enchantments 212-288-4394. The shop is located at 424 E 9th Street, New York, NY 10009

For Tom’s published works, go to
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A few of you know that I’ve been working on this project on and off, for the past few years. I think I wrote the first bits of material during the winter that we recorded Path of Totality, so it’s been a long time coming.

The bandcamp page above is what I’m calling the VASILEK EP. You can stream the whole thing for free, purchase a track for $1 a song or download he entire thing for $5. It’s up to you how you want to interact with it.

There will be more of this stuff on the horizon.