Night Talk 003: Cat Cabral


Welcome to Night Talk, a podcast dedicated to hidden knowledge, the occult, paranormal and the shadowy corners of our lives.

Witchcraft has been in our vernacular for centuries, but often misunderstood; misunderstood at times to a dire extent. Atrocities such as the Salem Witch Trials and European persecution has plagued the witch for time immemorial.

These days there seems to be a renaissance of witchcraft and the occult as it enters modern consciousness. You can see it in media, art and music. Could we be moving into a new era of awareness.

Cat Cabral, my guest for this episode is a practicing witch, Tarot reader and occultist. We had a great conversation about the her journey as a practicing witch as well as the different philosophies and practices that she utilizes on a regular basis.

You can find Cat on the web at where you can find out more about her classes, publications or even book a Taro reading.

Intro / Outro: “Dark River” - Coil