Frankie “The Answer” Edgar has been haunting the featherweight division for the past six years, lurking with the title just out of his reach. His first two attempts against Jose Aldo proved to be fruitless.  It could be that the Brazilian just has his number.

UFC 222 was to the culmination of Edgar’s second title campaign. Originally, he was to face current champ, Max Holloway in the main event, but earlier this month, Holloway was forced to withdraw due to a leg injury. This is where Edgar demonstrates what a badass he is. The smart move career-wise would have been to sit out and wait for Max to return. Edgar has been the consummate professional and “company man” in the past, mostly to his detriment. During Conor McGregor’s rise to the top of the featherweight division, he was mysteriously skipped over in lieu of facing aging fighters on their way to being cut or last minute replacements with no real training camp.

In stead, he keeps the card intact and takes on rising star Brian Ortega, who is currently undefeated at 13-0. Ortega has been quietly putting together a series of legitimate wins, utilizing his elite grappling skills with the high point being his arm-in guillotine win over Cub Swanson. This fight with Edgar can fast-track him to a title if he can get the win.

It’s an important fight. Edgar is putting his hard-earned shot at the title on the line. Who will win?

Frankie is superior on the feet, has great movement and has endless conditioning. Ortega may be the more elite grappler though Edgar is a Ricardo Almeida Black Belt. Also, he has never been finished, all 5 of his losses have come by way of decision. On the other hand, 10 of Ortega’s 13 wins have been finishes.

Officially, if Frankie Edgar can stay on the horse and touch Ortega up with his striking, I believe he will get the win and keep his title shot intact.


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