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Ryan Begley joins me for a hang out this week. Ryan is the founder of Shirts and Destroy, a music-related merchandise company with a strong eye for aesthetics. He has also launched a new apparel brand called True Black. You can check him out below.


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Hey all, just wanted to let you know that I have a new podcast that I do with my good friend Mike Scondotto called NECROMANIACS PODCAST. If you hadn’t guessed by the name, it is focused on Horror, Gore, Sci Fi and all things gruesome. We have two episode so far. Check the links below if you’re interested. You can also find us on itunes.

Episode 1

Episode 2

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I had the idea to do a few special episodes where Josh Bayer and I discuss “Classic Albums”. We’re defining classics by what we think are classics, not some paid-by-word music journalist bullshit. Case in point, this episode deals with “In My Head” by Black Flag, a record that most punks hate and is generally absent from the consciousness of most music fans. This is one of my favorite records.

Please check out an support Josh’s Kickstarter for the next installment of his excellent comic Suspect Device

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01 Apr Michael Vick is a Dick

The only thing I know about Michael Vick is that he is an animal abuser; I don’t watch football so I hadn’t known what team he played for or what position he even played. Whenever his name came up, most people would detail how disgusted they are by him and outline a number of atrocities that he was convicted of.

Aside from MMA and kickboxing, I don’t pay attention to sports, yet the news of Vick signing a multi-million dollar contract with the New York Jets somehow reached me. Oh, by the way, I discovered that he is a quarterback. The first thing that came to mind was that a convicted felon was somehow able to secure an incredibly lucrative job. If I robbed a bank, was caught by the police, convicted and sentenced to jail time, I somehow doubt that I would be able to get my old job back. Somehow being good at throwing a ball allows for that level of forgiveness.

When you dig deeper into what Vick was actually convicted of, you discover a black mark on his soul that no length of jail time can truly remove. Correct, by the letter of the law, he has paid his debt to society, but that doesn’t mean that we should embrace him.

While he was playing for the Atlanta Falcons, Michael Vick was charged and convicted for his involvement with operating a dog-fighting ring for at least five years. He was hands-on with the torture and killing of an undetermined number of dogs by drowning, strangulation and electrocution. He was sentenced to 2 years; 21 months were served in prison and 2 months were served in home-confinement.

Some of the highlights include hanging dogs that did not want to fight; drowning dogs by holding their heads under water, slamming them to the ground until they were dead. He and his partners would also throw family pets in with their trained pitbulls to be torn apart. Some of his proponents have stated that he made “a mistake” and should be forgiven for “immature acts,” but he was doing all of this while making millions of dollars throwing a ball around on the Atlanta Falcons. He had a passion for cruelty; he relished abuse.

To add insult to injury, in addition to his new contract with the New York Jets, Nike and Subway have quietly gotten on board as endorsers of his. To give some perspective to this, lets go back to 2010 when Tiger Woods’ marital infidelities were big news. He ended up losing millions in endorsements including AT&T and Gatorade. In the grand scheme of things, I don’t see cheating on your wife on the same level as sadistic animal abuse. It’s hypocritical to say the least.

Most alarming is the short memories of Vick’s fans. I scanned Twitter and saw that there is a huge outcry, but of course there is the ignorance stronghold that claims only white people have a problem with Michael Vick and to just “let that bullshit go.” It’s sad, trying to flag Vick’s brutality as a race issue.

The domestication of dogs from wolves is directly connected to their involvement with humans. The wolves with the lower cortisol levels were less anxious than their other wolf brothers and felt comfortable rolling up to the campfires of early man to take advantage of food scraps. That was the beginning of man’s bond with dogs. There is a responsibility that we have to care for them; at the very least not torture and brutalize them.

If you like football please consider these issues when you purchase a ticket or give your support to a team of blood-money obsessed deviants like the Jets.

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I consider Craw to be on the short list of killer bands that were mostly active during the 90’s. Back then, there was a gray between metal, punk and indie rock where some of my favorite bands existed; think Dazzling Killmen, Jesus Lizard, Tar and Unsane but different. They were truly on their own frequency.
Dave McClelland, guitarist and one of the founding members joins me and journalist Hank Shteamer in the studio for a really cool hang out. Hank is spearheading a mission to collect Craw’s early, more obscure recordings and release them in a deluxe, remastered LP boxed set. If your a Craw fan, or even just a fan of intense, creative music, please check out his Kickstarter campaign.


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EVERYTHING WENT BLACK RADIO 5 by Everything Went Black on Mixcloud

When I tell people that 95% of the time I listen to metal during most of the day - everyday - those, especially those who do not know much past Iron Maiden wonder how I can listen to shrill screams, grunting and the occasional moan as a graduate student, trying to consume large quantities ( and more importantly, understand) of critical theory, some of the most dense content I’ve read in my life. I’ve selected music that initially I thought I could listen to while reading or writing but realized that all of them have an emotional connection which while enjoyable, represent who I am as ‘me’ right now - trying to juggle school, being a journalist and as a recent transplant to New York City. I can’t listen to Scott Kelly or Mike Sheidt without thinking of loneliness and seduction; I can’t listen to Salome without thinking about how the intensity of vocalist Kat Katz will stay with me for the rest of my life. Seeing Dragged into Sunlight perform live comes to mind when I listen to their track, as their live performance, as with Electric Wizard, were two of the most intense experiences I’ve ever witnessed. I asked (well stuttered, as I was nervous meeting him) Mike Scheidt to play this particular track at a SXSW performance, and he did. My homegirls MilitiA and Tamar-Kali are represented on this list, not only because I interviewed them for my book but because when I listen to their music, it makes me angry that they are not better known - not just as black women who rock, but as phenomenal musicians who have bled for their right to perform the music that resonates with them. They rock hard and make men..and women…rock hard. All of these tracks represent emotions that only heavy music can bring out of me. I hope you enjoy them.


EVERYTHING WENT BLACK RADIO 4 by Everything Went Black on Mixcloud

I arranged this playlist in mind for metal heads who don’t listen to hip-hop. it’s meant to convert those who haven’t had exposure to conceptually “heavy” lyricism that correlates to metal sunject matter. There’s no contrived rock / rap mash up bullshit on this list. The few genre-blending songs on here were groundbreaking examples. The majority of the selections are soundscapes based on hip hop of otherworldly production. For starters, The Braunstein Brothers,Necro and ILL BILL are musicians who played in bands in the local NYHC, thrash and death metal scenes before becoming legendary lyricists. Insaneology - from Necro’s magnum opus landmark album The Prefix for Death. The track production is perfect featuring Sean Martin, Dan Lilker shredding and John Tardy guest vocals. NUFF SAID. It’s my single favorite song of all time because it represents death metal and hip hop coming together AUTHENTICALLY for the first time in 2004. There hasn’t been anything comparatively on par with this before or since. Awaiting the Hour - ILL Bill is the personification of Slayer in the form of Hip hop period. He’s the most versatile lyricist of all time. There’s no subject matter he hasn’t covered which is why he has 4 out of 30 songs on this playlist including Cult Leader, Alien Workshop, How to Survive the Apocalypse. I could put together several playlists of metal-related rap material from the Braun Bros. discographies but for now, those songs are the essentials to start with. Chemical - beyond hip hop and metal, this track applies to every person on the planet. It should be a lesson in the worldwide school curriculum. Apathy has several other universally poignant songs that will be on ensuing installments of this playlist series. Crisis - Gore has released 2 ceremonial cult classic albums entitled The Art of Dying and Electric Lucifer. Just seeing the covers of those records should be enough to lure any metal head into listening. Gore went off the grid for years and reemerged at Europa BK when I stood with him on stage during an EyeHateGod show so packed we ended up huddled beside the late great Joey Lacaze bashing the set. Rhyme Asylum - these British lyricists are bloody fucking brilliatnt exactly as their name suggests. Crazily creative, clever phenominal metaphors and jaw dropping punchlines. Hom Sha Bom - tale of paranormal possession demonic metamorphoses. Jak Progresso - no metal singer has ever described serial killer lore, psychedelic, psychotropic, hallucinogenic, mental illness drug induced lifestyle vividly and personally as Jak, he is the best specifically at what he does. Black Horses - harrowing account about a haunted childhood. Confinement - “living isn’t living is you only exist.” We’ve all felt trapped by life, thus this track has personal, biographical meaning about the worst time of my life. Ballad of Worms - “I’ll be out of friends soon, nobody talks to the guy who keeps the body in the bedroom. Blestenation - I mentioned before ILL Bill being the most versatile solo lyricist of all time, well Bleste are the most versatile rap group ever. Years before mash ups became popular, they were releasing rare mix tapes remixing mutations of metal, alternative and classic rock production with mind-blowing rhymes. Nassau Chainsaw - they became my surrogate family, experiences with them have had lifelong lasting effects. Being around their music, work ethic, failures and redemption changed my life. Nightwalker - speaks “his truth” unapologetic abrasive, he’s the rawest realness. One of the few lyricists who’s lived metal the way I grew up. Corporate Avenger - Obscure punk band, their album Freedom is a State of Mind utilizes primarily hip hop beats for screaming, ranting, testifying, freedom fighting. Of all anti religious / political bands, they had the biggest impact on my adolescence. Their album Freedom is a State of Mind is incendiary as anything that’s been deemed punk. Merry Mithras - “Freeze in the dying sun all hail the defiant one… I wanna get higher than God that;s Hyperion looking for a light like a fucking Luciferian” Misery Loves Comedy - it’s no exaggeration that these verses contain the meaning of life. Black Chick White Guy - Bases on actual events, this is the heaviest shit about a relationship you’ll ever hear, I defy you to come up with a “heavier” love song after hearing it. GET REAL!

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Author Laina Dawes joins us this evening for a discussion on here recently published book “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?: A BLACK WOMAN’S LIFE AND LIBERATION IN HEAVY METAL”.

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