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I started Everything Went Black sitting in Daisey’s Diner in Brooklyn with my good friend Mike Scondotto. We had a freestyle conversation about a horror movie we had just seen. I didn’t know if I would do another episode, but the desire to express myself had been born. Conversation is a fascinating mode of creativity. If you've been on board with the Everything Went Black Podcast for is 100+ episodes, you've been part of this community of like-minded freethinkers. 

I’d like to think that the podcast and associated blogs are not just simple entertainment, but also serve a s way to work out philosophies, create community and provide insights. 

The mission is two-fold; the first objective is to upgrade the studio and to help pay bandwidth and the basic expenses behind running this operation. The next goal is to take this into uncharted waters. It has always been my objective to forge Everything Went Black into a legitimate media channel. The podcasts will always continue, but I’d like to produce documentary-style video content on a regular basis.

Similar to the way National Public Radio operates, I’d like to ultimately evolve Everything Went Black into a listener-sponsored media channel. I believe that we can work together to get there.